Health Department

Kitgum district health department has a total of 8 staffs who sit at the district headquarters and these include the DHO, ADHO Maternal Child health, ADHO Environment Mental, Bio Start, Senior Environmental health inspector, Cold Chain Technician, Inventory Officer-store, Office Secretary, Office attendant and a Driver.
Kitgum District has a total of 35 health facilities of which 22 are government aided health facilities and 13 are private health facilities. Of the 22 government aided facilities kitgum has 1 general hospital with a capacity of 100 bed however the hospital hosts close to 400 patients as per now, 1 health center four located in Namokora sub county, 8 health centre III which include, Orom, Omiya Anyima, Kitgum Maditi, Akuna Laber Health, Pajimo, Okidi, Mucwini, Loborom and 12 health centre II which Include Akilok, Obyen, Lukwor, Gwengcoo, Lagot, Pudo, Oryang Kulukwac, Akurumo, Pawidi, Lakwor, Lalekan, Tumangu health centre II. The private non for-profit facility include St Joseph's hospital Kitgum, Church of Uganda health centre II, while the following are private for profit facilities include Maternity home, New Life, Yot-kom. etc
The services offered at the government, private non for-profit facility, private for-profit facilities include the following
Family Planning services-done in government facilities and others
HTS -done in government facilities and others
Cancer screening-done in government facilities and others
Curative services -done in government facilities and others
sickle cell screening done in Government Hospital
Dental services
Safe male circumcision-done in government facilities and others
Despite all these services Kitgum Government General Hospital is overwhelmed by the number of patients it admits since it serves the neighboring districts of Lamwo, Pader, Agago and Karenga.